Art E Studio's first "Student Art Show" was a great success. All month long people came into the studio to view and vote on 25 paintings. Many of them had a hard time deciding who to vote for. Yesterday I worked on tallying all the ballots and came up with our three winners. Jenny Zhu took first place with 25 votes. Annie Fang got second place with 24 votes and Carissa Leiber took third with 19 votes. I'll have pictures of the winners  next week.

Now that July is over and the show behind us, we are now working on Christmas or Winter themed paintings for Christmas Preview. I know it seams to early to start thinking about Christmas Preview but these months are flying by. The Kids start school Aug 10th and they will all be busy with settling into new routines that may take them away from their art classes here at Art E Studio. Giving them a head start will help take some of the pressure off, i hope. We will be doing another Student Art Show for Christmas Preview and again you will be able to vote for your favorite painting.

That's all the news for now.

For the entire month of July the art work on display at Art E Studio is the work of the Art E students. Tonight is the opening reception from 4pm to 8pm. Some of the students will be on hand creating art and talking with the public. We are also having a "Peoples Choice" award. Everyone who comes to view the works are encouraged to vote for their favorite 3 paintings. But in order to vote they have to pay a dollar. At the end of the month the ballets will be counted and the money divided amongst the top three winners. The kids are very excited about the money and all of them want to win. I encouraged them to tell all their family and friends to come vote for them. This way they can get a better feel for marketing their work. So far everyone who has come in and voted has had great feedback. Some had a very hard time making their choices. Take a look at the images below for a glimpse of their work. Some paintings have been added since I took those pictures. Notice all those blue ribbons and that great big purple one? Those are ribbons won from two local fairs, the Silver Dollar and Shasta fair.